Google+ Beathearts: Blu ft. J'Davey - Everything's OK (Waajeed refix)


Blu ft. J'Davey - Everything's OK (Waajeed refix)

The re-launched Bling47 site is such a treat. Somewhat of a inbox backlog made us miss this gem first time around. Make sure you don't do the same mistake. Waajeed says:

"Kenny Fresh and I were going to release this mix on our Waajeed x FreshSelects project last year. The homie Blu asked me to remix the original version produced by Flying Lotus. After I finished this ruff mix, he asked for a two track of the instrumental to relay his vocal. He agreed to send it back so I could finish it...... It never showed up.

To quote Jay-Z, “What the fuck you done to that?” -- I gotta admit, those were the first words that came to my head when I heard what Blu (one of my favorite emcees) did to my remix. Well, It's sorta like a remix of a remix. Check his version (to get the whole story)."

With this kind of heat dropping every week Waajeed is really turning up the heat for the upcoming Electric Street Orchestra album. We can't wait!

Download: Blu feat. Jack Davey (Full) (Waajeed Remix)

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