Google+ Beathearts: Stray Phrases performs J.Dilla's Donuts


Stray Phrases performs J.Dilla's Donuts

Stumbled over this ace Dilla Donuts tribute treat courtesy of the nice folks over at Itsallthewaylive:

"Who would have thought that 3 NYU students would end up putting on the best homage performance at a laid back college hangout in Brooklyn.  But thats exactly what took place this past Thursday night as Storm Siegel (drums), Dave Mainella (piano) and Evan Crane (bass), collectively known as the jazz trio Stray Phrases, performed Donuts in its entirety at The Tea Lounge in Park Slope.  

In October of last year, the trio played their rendition of Donuts at a small bar in NYC. With the recent online buzz and Dilla’s anniversary approaching, the group held an encore show and masterfully interpreted the album once again.  There are countless Dilla tributes, but trust us when we say Stray Phrases’ is head over heels above the rest and is well worth your time.  ATWL is proud to offer our recording of the entire set."

Stray Phrases - Lightworks (Live @ The Tea Lounge, Brooklyn)

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