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Beathearts rewind #43: C.J. Mackintosh - Nervous tracks (1994)

C.J. Mackintosh was the don of remixes back in the early nineties. His first production to break through was him teaming up with Dave Dorrell for M/A/R/R/S Pump up the volume (1987) which opened up the world for the duo. Putting out stacks of remixes his best work to us was his interpretations of Sounds of Blackness, Gang Starr and A Tribe Called Quest.

Today we bring one of his most sought after mixtapes from back in the day. Only released on cassette given away with DJ Magazine #101 in November 1993. Macintosh was on top of his gaming cutting up this epic mixtape with the best tracks off the smokin' Nervous label. It includes the game changing Nervous Track from Nu Yorican Soul. We earlier brought you the story of how Kenny Dope built that track here.

C.J. Mackintosh:

"I will be posting up all my DJ mixes from the past & present. Some you may have already but most you will not. I transfered this mix directly from the original DAT is was recorded on to so the quality will be much better than the cassette."

Download: Side A
Download: Side B

A1 Classic Man – Fifth Street Orchestra
A2 Classic Man – Keeping On
A3 Helona – Can't Give Up On Love
A4 Messenger – Guide My Soul
A5 DAT Project – O'ww Baby
A6 Loni Clark – Rushin'
B1 MADA – Good Stuff
B2 Sandy B – Feel Like Singing
B3 Swing Kids, The – Good Feeling
B4 Joe T. Vanelli – Play With The Voice
B5 Nu Yorican Soul – Nervous Track

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