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James Lavelle - The Mo'Wax story

On Record Store Day this past weekend I was flipping through my old Mo'Wax releases. You gotta love a label that put as much effort and resources into the packaging as into the music. And of course their releases are collectibles as much today as they were back then.

Reminiscing on the label I found this great interview with the founder of Mo'Wax, James Lavelle. It's been a while since he was in the spotlight but it so refreshing to again hear his non-genre approach to music and art. The story of how he built his network of artists and founded the label is nothing but inspiring. It was based on the different elements he loved: music, art and great live performances.

Check out the two part interview from the AllSaints Spitalfields basement sessions below. We're pretty sure you'll enjoy it.
Part 1:
Part 2:

As a bonus here's a smooth mixtape with some of the great releases from the Mo'Wax era.

1. Motor Bass Get Phunked Up - La Funk Mob
2. The Beast - Palm Skin Productions
3. Harmonium - DJ Takemura
4. Insects Are All Around Us - Money Mark
5. Stars - Nightmares On Wax
6. 2000 - RPM
7. Sax Hoodlum - Major Force Productions/Grass Roots
8. Lost & Found - DJ Shadow
9. Covert Action - Lofi Sensibilities
10. Spock With A Beard? - Palm Skin Productions
11. They Came In Peace - Tranquility Bass
12. Sometimes You Gotta Make It Alone - Money Mark
13. Meiso - DJ Krush with DJ Shadow/The Prunes
14. Cabin Fever - Urban Tribe
15. Destroy All Monsters - Skull
16. Slipper Suite (excerpt) - Palm Skin Productions
17. Mutual Slump - DJ Shadow
18. High Noon - DJ Shadow
19. I Don't Know How To Play Piano - Money Mark
20. Bloodstain - UNKLE

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