Google+ Beathearts: 07.2011


Gregory Porter – 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass rerub)

Just stumbled over this amazing Opolopo (Peter Major) rework of 1960 what? taken from Porter's Grammy nominated album Water. More than your standard re-edit, Peter with a subtle touch turned up the beat and added a subbass element to the track which takes off to a whole new level. I haven't heard a remake of a jazz tune this good since Jori Holkkonen dropped his remix of Olli Ahvenlahti's Countenance in 2002. It now official that Opolopo's version will be released on his upcoming remix album for Tokyo Dawn Records which should drop late summer/early fall.

Gregory Porter - 1960 what? (Opolopo kick & bass rerub)

Don't forget to check and download Gregory Porter's original tune below:

Check more of Opolopo's productions here:


Outer Galaxies: Dennis Coffey Re-Worked

This is a nice gem! Strut records just released a cool project where they invited the Detroit area's finest, like Dabrye, Nick Speed, 14KT and Recloose to remix Motor City guitar legend Dennis Coffey‘s self-titled LP. The result is Outer Galaxies: Dennis Coffey Re-worked. Also Mayer Hawthorne and Jamall Bufford aka. Buff1 contribute with some vocals.

Some bouncy funk for ya'll! Get the whole LP for free by entering your email over HERE.

Dennis Coffey - Space Traveller (Nick Speed Remix)

Dennis Coffey - All Your Goodies Are Gone feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Shigeto Remix)


Beatheart rewind #23: Womack Womack - Scared (re-edit part.1 & 2)

Mark E is a Birmingham based beatmaker who stepped into the spotlight with this 2005 Jisco Records re-edit of Baby I’m Scared Of You by Womack & Womack. Scared (taken of the 1983 album Love Wars) is no average chop-up. Part 1 filters, loops and hypnotizes in the vein of Theo Parrish for about 7 minutes before finally dropping into (Part 2) the original song. Essential!

Download: Womack & Womack - Scared (Mark E re-edit part 1 & 2)

For more info on Mark E:


14KT - (T).R.O.Y. Remanisce part 2

14KT keep bringing heat. This time it's his take on a part II of Pete Rock & CL Smooth's national anthem of the hiphop nation T.R.O.Y. He calls it R.O.Y (Reminiscing on Yesterday). We just love the way he recontructed the tune. You recognize all the elements, breaks of the beats and twists of the rhyme but still without copying the original. Ace!

"I remember writing November of 02'. It was a little bit after Jam Master Jay was murdered. I was listening to records and I found this loop that sounded like a part 2 to Pete Rock & CL's T.R.O.Y. So I made a beat trying to make it sound like a part 2. This is my version of a part 2 of T.R.O.Y. I decided to write a verse to explain how I felt at the time."


Beathearts rewind #22: Q-tip ft Can - Manwomanboogie

Q-Tip - ManWomanBoogie

That Monday morning feeling. Such a dope track from the Abstract, taken off the 2008 Renaissance album. ManWomanBoogie is based on a geniously sampled track called Aspectacle by the German kraut rock pioneers Can.  Check the original below:

Download: Can - Aspectacle

Can's selfentitled 1978 album is available via 7digital. As a bonus here's a video piece from Joseph Monish who was invited by Tip for some afternoon beat digging. Enjoy!


Th3rdz - Therapy (produced by 10.4 Rog)

New beats from 10.4 Rog! We got this upcoming material from Roger Habon (10.4 Rog) the other day. This time it's a feel good, handclap, casio funk track from Th3rdz (pronounced the third). The group is made up of three members from Seattle's Oldominion crew: Candidt, Xperience, and JFK. Therapy is a warm up for their upcoming album This, That & TH3RDZ. Check it!

Download: Th3rdz - Therapy (produced by 10.4 rog)


Billie Holiday - Feel about you (LuLu Rouge bootleg)

On a dark day like this we felt the need to clear our minds with this LuLu Rouge rework of Billie Holiday's Do nothing 'til you hear from me. Taken from LuLu Rouge's (a.k.a. DJ T.O.M. and Buda) CPH Jazz Festival sessions. One for Norway and Amy.

Download: Billie Holiday - Feel about you (LuLu Rouge bootleg)


Beathearts rewind #21: The Action 13 - Give more bread to the people

The Action 13
More Bread to the People/ Go if You Want To (EMI Nigeria 1973)

Side A: More Bread to The People
Side B: Go if You Want To

This rare Nigerian 45 from 1973 hit me while driving home yesterday. It was on an old CDR that I picked up in Amsterdam last year but for some reason I haven't got around to play it before. The breaks are absolutely crazy but still with that Nigerian jamming funk feel to it. And just when you think it couldn't get any better a second layer of breaks drops at 2:10 to snap your neck. We already knew central Africa put out some bad grooves in the 70's but this is just an extraordinary tune.

The Action 13 a.k.a. Aktion was made up of two members, Lemmy Faith and Essien Akpabio. Under The Action 13 moniker they only put out two 45s but they later hooked up with Renny Pearl and the most respected drummer of that era, Ben Alaka, to form Aktion and put together their legendary Groove The Funk album in 1975.

The band's success was shortlived when music of the era faded in the late 70s. From what we've hear, Ben Alaka still lives in Warri, the delta state. Essien Akpabio relocated to a civilian life in his home town of Calabar. Appearantly Lemmy Faith is still producing and it would be amazing if they could all reunite for a live tour in the vein of Ebo Taylor (covered here earlier), Benda Bilili (whose documentary is on in European movie theaters at the moment) or Buena Vista Social Club.

The Action 13 More bread to the people is also available via Soundway Records


Trumaine Lamar - Things I should've told her EP

Pick of the week! Nebraska born, Florida bread Trumaine Lamar just released his new EP Things I should've told her. The majority of the tracks on the EP is produced by another new aquintance, Brandon Crumbly. Trumaine's great church schooled harmonies combined with the dope Dilla/Tribe/Dwele inspired productions from Brandon will catch you from the first few bars. We're looking forward to great things from the duo in the future. Check it below!

Download: Trumaine Lamar - Things I should've told her EP


MANIK - We're from Queens Vol.001

It's that time a year when you walk home from summer parties, air is warm and the sun is starting to come up. New York native Chris Manik a.k.a. MANIK dropped his debut album Armies of the night earlier this year which is the perfect soundtrack for those moments.

Apart from the introducing sample from Walter Hill’s 1970s gang movie The Warriors it's difficult to detect any traces of MANIK's hip-hop roots, the raw rap sounds of Mobb Deep and DJ Premier that surrounded him growing up in Queens.

The sound is hard to categorize (just the way we like it!) and spans from smooth broken house and detroit influenced electro to warm 80's casio tones and downtempo beats. The album is released on Ovum and available via Juno.

MANIK - She's slow motion

If that's not enough to check him out, here's one of his mixtapes entitled We're from Queens Vol.001.

Download: MANIK - We're from Queens Vol.001


Jesse Futerman - Super basement EP

Yet another Canadian beatmaker coming through this year. Super basement EP is a beautiful collection of songs from Jesse Futerman. Torontobased Futerman is appearantly a jazz influenced musician who started of putting our remixes a couple of years ago. Has had a few releases on the Soulection compilations and also released an album entitled, Light of day, via Jus Like music. Great stuff. Get it below!

Download: Jesse Futerman - Super basement EP


A Tribe Called Quest - Tribute part.III

What a year for Tribe-tributes! We already had two episodes this year (A vibe called Appelsap & DJ M-Rock) and it's only July. This time it's mixtape master J.Period that has put together a slick mixed compilation of Q-tip's finest moments. Enjoy!

Get it here: J.Period presents the Abstract best

1. J.Period f. Prince Paul, Questlove & Randy Watson– Rhythm (Scratch Intro)
2. Cannonball Adderly / Excursions Intro
3. J.Period f. De La Soul – Excursions (Tribute Remix)
4. Aquarius Interlude #1: Welcome
5. Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes – Getting Up (DJ Scratch Remix) (The Renaissance)
6. Behind the Scenes: Ghetto Origins [Produced by J.Period]
7. What the Fuss f. Stevie Wonder (Shook Remix)
8. Queens Represent (Interlude)
9. Mobb Deep f. Nas & Q-Tip – Give Up the Goods (J.Period Remix) [Produced by Q-Tip]
10. Apache – Gangsta Bitch [Produced by Q-Tip]
11. ATCQ – If the Papes Come (Intro)
12. ATCQ – Check the Rhime
13. Behind the Scenes: Don’t Walk Away (Interlude)
14. ATCQ –Award Tour
15. Behind the Scenes: Award Tour (Interlude)
16. Hot Butter (Interlude)
17. J.Period f. Dres – Jazz Pt. 2 (Tribute Remix)
18. Behind the Scenes: We Got the Jazz (Interlude)
19. J.Period f. Blu– Jazz (Tribute Remix)
20. Skypager: Bob Power & Big Daddy Kane (Interlude)
21. Q-Tip f. Jay Dilla – Let’s Ride
22. Behind the Scenes: Bob Power You There? (Interlude)
23. Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing (Remix)
24. Q-Tip – Move (The Renaissance)
25. Q-Tip – Breathe & Stop (J.Period Remix)
26. Respect to Phife Dawg (Interlude)
27. J.Period f. Consequence & Kid Cudi – Buggin Out (Tribute Remix)
28. ATCQ Consists Of…
29. Behind the Scenes: The Native Tongues (Interlude)
30. De La Soul f. Jungle Brothers, Q-Tip, Monie Love & Queen Latifah – Buddy (Remix)
31. Respect to Ali Shaheed Muhammed (Interlude)
32. Q-Tip f. Busta Rhymes – N.T.
33. A Message From Talib Kweli
34. J.Period f. Questlove, Talib Kweli & Randy Watson – Youthful (Tribute Remix)
35. Q-Tip f. Amanda Diva – ManWomanBoogie (The Renaissance)
36. Chris Rock: Men vs. Women (Interlude)
37. De La Soul f. Q-Tip – Saturdays
38. De La Soul f. Q-Tip & Phife – Saturdays (Remix)
39. Q-Tip – She Likes to Move (J.Period Remix)
40. Dee-Lite f. Q-Tip – Groove Is in the Heart
41. Beastie Boys f. Q-Tip – Get it Together
42. Behind the Scenes: What Is Kapelka? (Interlude)
43. J.Period f. Skillz, Questlove & Randy Watson – What? (Tribute Remix)
44. Behind the Scenes: Busta Rhymes / Scenario (Interlude)
45. Busta Rhymes – Scenario (Unreleased Demo Tape)
46. Behind the Scenes: Hood R.I.P. (Interlude)
47. Hood – Scenario (Remix)
48. Aquarius Outtro
49. Behind the Scenes (Bonus): Reinvention (Kamaal the Abstract – A Million Times)

Häzel - Playground EP

I read about this a while ago, but haven't got around to listen to it until now. After gaining a solid reputation over the past few years thanks to his numerous productions for artists such as Drake, Slakah the Beatchild, Onra and Ebrahim to name a few, French producer Häzel presents his first solo project 'Playground'. Dillauesqe-influenced hiphop/soul music. 'Playground' will be released on Catblock Records, new label launched together by Favorite Recordings and Onra. An iTunes exclusive version of the EP is available here which contains two exclusive bonus tracks from Onrazel (Onra & Häzel together).

There´s also 'The Lost Tapes' which is a 16 track selection from Häzel’s deep catalog. Previously unreleased, The Lost Tapes is available on his bandcamp for a couple of pennies.

Häzel - Playground EP Teaser


Barry White (September 12, 1944 – July 4, 2003)

"Maestro of love", "The Sultan of Smooth Soul", "The Rotund Romeo", "The Prince of Pillowtalk", "Buddha of the Boudoir" the list goes on...

Today one of the greatest soul voices of all time would've turned 67 years old. Barry Eugene White, singer and producer extraorindaire was of course a great inspiration to many of the Beathearts related artists.

There were so many sides to the man's life that still today we get stunned by stray facts about Mr. White that hit us:
  • Appearantly White was about to collaborate with Marvin Gaye on a new Gaye album in 1984. White said that Marvin Gaye phoned him one week before being found dead.
  • At the age of 17 he was jailed for stealing $30,000 worth of Cadillac tires
  • Sold over 100 million records worldwide
  • L.A. gang member with the bullwhip (!) as his weapon of choice
Multifaceted indeed...Here's a lil' edit we found today reading up on Mr.White. Nicely put together by DJ Kimo:

Download: Barry White - I'm gonna love you (Karim's love is here to stay re-edit)

R.I.P. Barry White.


Benedek ft DamFunk - Summer Funk Vinyl Mix Vol. 1

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Benedek (aka Nicholas Benedek) is a musician/producer inspired by everything from funk, hip-hop and soul to progressive rock jazz-fusion and house.

His curiosity for electronic music lead him to begin experimenting with beat production on Nintendo’s Game Boy Camera software, which featured an Easter egg of a three-track sequencer that allowed him to start creating the Game Boy’s 8-bit sound he often idolized. Benedek continues to draw influence from science fiction and the early video games of the 90’s and is now sharing his own interpretation of the future through music.

Bendek - Stepper

As a warm up to Benedek's up-coming single That's my jam! ft Dâm-Funk here's the first part of his Summer Funk Vinyl mix series. Benedek will release a new mix of tracks from his extensive vinyl collection showcasing his eclectic taste in old school funk, soul, and disco every Friday until the release in Auguston Proximal Records.

Download: Benedek - Summer Funk Vinyl mix Vol.1

Knockout - Margie Joseph
3 AM - I-Level
Take Me Higher - Shabazz
Prime TIme - Mtume
She's Got The Body (Instrumental) - Kiddo
What's On Your Mind (ft. Dam-Funk) - Tony Cook
I Am Somebody - Glenn Jones

For more info check: