Google+ Beathearts: 14KT - (T).R.O.Y. Remanisce part 2


14KT - (T).R.O.Y. Remanisce part 2

14KT keep bringing heat. This time it's his take on a part II of Pete Rock & CL Smooth's national anthem of the hiphop nation T.R.O.Y. He calls it R.O.Y (Reminiscing on Yesterday). We just love the way he recontructed the tune. You recognize all the elements, breaks of the beats and twists of the rhyme but still without copying the original. Ace!

"I remember writing November of 02'. It was a little bit after Jam Master Jay was murdered. I was listening to records and I found this loop that sounded like a part 2 to Pete Rock & CL's T.R.O.Y. So I made a beat trying to make it sound like a part 2. This is my version of a part 2 of T.R.O.Y. I decided to write a verse to explain how I felt at the time."

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