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Häzel - Playground EP

I read about this a while ago, but haven't got around to listen to it until now. After gaining a solid reputation over the past few years thanks to his numerous productions for artists such as Drake, Slakah the Beatchild, Onra and Ebrahim to name a few, French producer Häzel presents his first solo project 'Playground'. Dillauesqe-influenced hiphop/soul music. 'Playground' will be released on Catblock Records, new label launched together by Favorite Recordings and Onra. An iTunes exclusive version of the EP is available here which contains two exclusive bonus tracks from Onrazel (Onra & Häzel together).

There´s also 'The Lost Tapes' which is a 16 track selection from Häzel’s deep catalog. Previously unreleased, The Lost Tapes is available on his bandcamp for a couple of pennies.

Häzel - Playground EP Teaser

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