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MANIK - We're from Queens Vol.001

It's that time a year when you walk home from summer parties, air is warm and the sun is starting to come up. New York native Chris Manik a.k.a. MANIK dropped his debut album Armies of the night earlier this year which is the perfect soundtrack for those moments.

Apart from the introducing sample from Walter Hill’s 1970s gang movie The Warriors it's difficult to detect any traces of MANIK's hip-hop roots, the raw rap sounds of Mobb Deep and DJ Premier that surrounded him growing up in Queens.

The sound is hard to categorize (just the way we like it!) and spans from smooth broken house and detroit influenced electro to warm 80's casio tones and downtempo beats. The album is released on Ovum and available via Juno.

MANIK - She's slow motion

If that's not enough to check him out, here's one of his mixtapes entitled We're from Queens Vol.001.

Download: MANIK - We're from Queens Vol.001

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