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Benedek ft DamFunk - Summer Funk Vinyl Mix Vol. 1

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Benedek (aka Nicholas Benedek) is a musician/producer inspired by everything from funk, hip-hop and soul to progressive rock jazz-fusion and house.

His curiosity for electronic music lead him to begin experimenting with beat production on Nintendo’s Game Boy Camera software, which featured an Easter egg of a three-track sequencer that allowed him to start creating the Game Boy’s 8-bit sound he often idolized. Benedek continues to draw influence from science fiction and the early video games of the 90’s and is now sharing his own interpretation of the future through music.

Bendek - Stepper

As a warm up to Benedek's up-coming single That's my jam! ft Dâm-Funk here's the first part of his Summer Funk Vinyl mix series. Benedek will release a new mix of tracks from his extensive vinyl collection showcasing his eclectic taste in old school funk, soul, and disco every Friday until the release in Auguston Proximal Records.

Download: Benedek - Summer Funk Vinyl mix Vol.1

Knockout - Margie Joseph
3 AM - I-Level
Take Me Higher - Shabazz
Prime TIme - Mtume
She's Got The Body (Instrumental) - Kiddo
What's On Your Mind (ft. Dam-Funk) - Tony Cook
I Am Somebody - Glenn Jones

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