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Jay Scarlett & Onur Engin - Maverick Sessions

Jay Scarlett in team with Onur Engin has (so far) brought us two volumes of the marvelous Maverick Sessions beatseries. The first volume dropped last year and featured great beats from beatmakers like Busy, Reggie B, Erik L, Knxwledge, artists that previously been highlighted in the Beathearts Blog. We give you our favorites from the first tape as well as a sampler from the second volume.

The second volume came out just now and containes some more beats, all of which are out of this world. We especially like eLan's track, that kicks of the tape. But there also fire from Onra, Devonwho and some more underground cats. Check them all below.

Always in search of new talent, the series focusses on hiphop/electronic beats from untapped skills. Get ready to discover the blend of dusty sample selections with up-tempo crunkness and melodious synth patches. Available at Juno for a small penny!

Busy - Rethink

Reggie B - Belief

Erik L - Soul Symphony

Maverick Sessions Two (Sampler)

1. eLan - Fresh Lava
2. Onra - Lying Besides You
3. Kan Sano - Rec Gain Up
4. Vloop & Kenlo - Svelte Beat
5. Stevo - Pad Pusher
6. Sauce81 - Tbs
7. Mau'lin - Deadcab
8. Yosi Horikawa - Cook From South
9. Devonwho - Clementine

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