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Dwele - W.ants W.orld W.omen (W.W.W.)

Allright, we wrote some time ago about 'What's Not To Love', the first single from Detroit crooner Andwele Gardner's new album 'W.ants W.orld W.omen (W.W.W.)'. Since then two new tracks have been leaked, the rhythmic 'I Wish' and the Slum Village featured tune 'How I Deal'. Also some short commercials been shown. The album is out soon, with guests like Slum Village, Monica Blaire, Raheem Devaughn, Lloyd Dwayne, David Banner and DJ Quik. It is to be released the day after tommorow, june 29th and it's really smooth thing, as everything Dwele touches!

Dwele recorded a demo in his bedroom called 'The Rize' in the beginning of 2000, and sold it out of the trunk of his car. He had about 100 copies, which sold out within a week. Slum Village spotted him and invited Dwele to sing the hook of the song 'Tainted' for their album 'Trinity (Past, Present and Future)'. It became an instant classic.. Dwele signed to Virgin Records in 2003, who released his debut album, 'Subject', one of the best albums in neo soul. A second album, 'Some Kinda...' followed in 2005, and the third 'Sketches of a Man' came out in 2008.

Dwele - I Wish

Dwele - How I Deal feat. Slum Village

Dwele - Detroit Sunrise feat. Monica Blaire & Lloyd Dwayne

As a bonus we share this little treat with you'll. This is one of the best Dilla-tribute we've seen the last couple of years, arised on the net about 2-3 years ago.. Only one and a half minute long but with such love. Fantastic medley from Dwele.

Dwele - Workin' On It (J Dilla Tribute)

Finally something that you might not have heard. Dwele as Johnsmyname. A myspace-thing Dwele did some time back were he speeded up and pitched up his voice and recorded just a few tunes impersonated his son trying to find his dad played by Dwele.

Dwele - Beep Me Find Me

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