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Chanes - An Experiment in Instrumentation

Just learned about this dude Chanes. He put out his new beattape two months ago orchestrated by fellow detroiter DJ House Shoes. It is some dope stuff, and you can get it for free over at his bandcamp, where you'll also find some other goodies!

In other projects Chanes been working with underground Detroit artists like Royce Da 5'9'', Miz Korona, Kurupt, Moe Dirdee and Chief to name a few.

The tape is rooted in hiphop, with a lot of heavy beatdriven headbangers, but the sound is trippy, ambient, therapeutic and surreal. The tape starts off with a great remake of Karen O's 'Hello Tomorrow' tune. Though we especially like the sample of Aphex Twin's 'Windowlicker' tune on the 'Frequency' track, really difficult to do something good with that strange masterpiece..

About the tape:
"An Experiment in Instrumentation is definitely one of the stand outs among the beat tapes in my opinion. There is not many words to describe the tape. There is also no lane it can be categorized in. Its a step in a new direction. A step of growth in my production. And most importantly, it's new material for my people. Enjoy, and all feedback is appreciated."

Chanes - Lights Off feat. Karen O

Chanes - Incompetence

Chanes - Transgression

Download LINK: An Experiment in Instrumentation

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