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Terry Tester - The Dunkel Radio Mixtape

Cold rainy dark Monday. What better way to ease up your day than with this kick-ass mixtape from Danish producer Terry Tester. In a time when a mixtape can be anything from a loose collections of song not good enough for album release with the DJ screaming his name instead of beatmixing the tunes, this MIXTAPE is such a relief.

In my world there are three criterion for a great mixtape:
1. Great selection of tunes that work together
2. Great beatmix and/or scratching
3. The guts to mix new tunes with older gems

Terry aces all these and show of his influences and great taste in music by seamlessly fusing everything from hiphop to Detroit house to UK street soul. Terry, fantastic job. We salute you! Get it below before it's gone.

Download: Terry Tester - The Dunkel Radio mixtape

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1 - Grap Luva: Keywaves
2 - Twelve Beats: Just For You (unreleased)
3 - Terry Tester / Wu-Tang Clan: Steady / C.R.E.A.M (unreleased)
4 - J. Dilla: The Best That Ever Did It
5 - Quelle: Special Ingredient
6 - Wu-Tang Clan: As High As Wu-Tang Get
7 - Madlib: Beatconductor in Africa
8 - Brand Nubian: One For All
9 - Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble: Dirty Certron C60 (unreleased)
10 - B. Bravo / Jams F. Kennedy: Jams F. Kennedy
11 - Terry Tester: Clean Up Your Act (unreleased)
12 - Terry Tester: Beyonce Doesn't Care About Black People (unreleased)
13 - George Duke: Nigerian Numberuma
14 - Marcellus Pittman: Razz 09
15 - NY House'n Authority: Apt. 3A
16 - DVA: Reach The Sun
17 - Ultra Nate: Love's The Only Drug (Remix)
18 - Ray Manzarek: Solar Boat
19 - Maze: Twilight
20 - Loose Ends: Hangin' On A String
21 - Nicci: So In Love

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