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Album of the month: S3 - Supa Soul Sh*t

Ever since we got Miles Bonny's seminal track Still Miles with DJ Day back in 2009 he's been on our radar. Numerous EPs, collaborations and albums later his sense of quality is second to none.

For his latest album Supa Soul Sh*t he's teamed up with Austrian beatmaestro Branko Jordanovic a.k.a. Brenk Sinatra under the S3 moniker.

The album is 21 tracks thick and has potential to become a future classic. The smooth production and soulful skits somehow reminds me of Slum Village's Fantastic Vol.1. It has been in the making for three years with Brenk on the breaks and Miles on vocals and his signature flugelhorn (as in the photo above).

Of course there are tracks that stick out like 10 minutes and Rain don't stop me now but Supa Soul Sh*t is something as rare as an album that works as an album as opposed to just a collection of tracks.


1. S3 Intro 00:10
2. Seein Doe 02:30
3. Chakal 04:49
4. Get This Money 03:44
5. Bro Skit 01:10
6. Don´t Stop 03:57
7. Deeper Skit 00:56
8. Sprinkle 04:27
9. Chronic Break 01:13
10. Dr. Strange 03:50
11. All I Know 04:20
12. Make Her Smile 00:50
13. 10 Minutes 03:37
14. Hanged Skit 01:30
15. Let It Rain 03:46
16. Rain Don't Stop Me Now 03:27
17. Lystics 03:43
18. Really 02:01
19. Stars Shine 04:04
20. Time Out Skit 02:53
21. Movin On 05:20

S3 is currently on tour in Germany and Poland going back to Miles Polish roots. Miles grandfather was born in Poland, deported to Siberia and later fled to the US where he changed name from Bonikowski to Bonny (hence Miles Bonny).

S3's Supa Soul Sh*t is available for digital download right now via Bandcamp. The vinyl release is dropping on October 26th via Melting Pot Music.

Download: S3 - Rain don't stop me now

Download: S3 - Don't stop

Want more? Get digging in Miles Bonny back catalogue on Bandcamp

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