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Billy Cobham - Heather (Variations)

Billy Cobham - Heather (1974)

Woke up this morning with this great rework from German producer Hannes Fischer in our RSS-flow. He has taken on Souls of Mischief's classic 93 'til infinity and reconstructed it into something completely different. It still has the vibe from Billy Cobham's original Heather (1974) but now reconstructed as a slow building minimal track.

Apparently Souls of Mischief are putting together a documentary about the album coming up early next year to celebrate celebrate it's 20th (!) anniversary. Check the preview here.

Heather is taken from jazzdrummer Billy Cobham's third album Crosswinds released in 1974. It's no surprise that, like so many other classics, it was recorded at Electric Lady studios in New York. Cobham is still live and kickin' and has an upcoming mini-tour of the US and the Netherlands. Go check him out!

Heads up to the MIMS-crew for putting us onto Hannes Fischer's version.

Download: Souls of Mischief - 93 'til infinity (Hannes Fischer rework)

Souls of Mischief - 93 'til infinity (1993)

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