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Daphni - Jiaolong

Every now and then these experimental gems turns up from nowhere and gets our full attention. This time it's Dan Snaith (Caribou) who about to drop his debut album Jiaolong under his Daphni alias. .

It's electronic, it's dirty but most of all it's got some amazing grooves. Put yourself in a state of Africa Hitech meets fLako and you're not far away.

Daphni - Pairs (2012)

“I’ve been building a modular synthesizer, which plays a prominent role on this album. It growls or screams when I don’t expect it to. Nudging one dial changes the sound so drastically that I’ll never get the original sound back. It’s like improvising with another musician, and its voice is all over this music.”

Jiaolong is apparently the name of a mythical Chinese sea monster and also the name of one of China's exploratory deep sea submarines. Dan has been experimenting with these dirtier sounds for a while but this is his first full album as Daphni.

“I’ve been recording for several months, starting different sketches of songs and different ideas. The general process for me making an album is to record loads and loads of raw material - bits of songs, a rhythmic element - and not really work on finishing any of them; just collect loads of half-finished ideas for six months, and come back later on and see what sticks.”

The Jiaolong album is out for digital release on Merge on October 9th and the physical drop is a week later.

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