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Mala in Cuba

Now this is something out of the ordinary. We've been eagerly waiting for this ever since Gilles Peterson dropped Cuba Electronic on his Radio 6 show back in March (?).

On a recent trip to Cuba, Gilles Peterson brought along DMZ founder and dubstep pioneer Mala. Apparently he was so inspired by the local artists he met that he started to work on an album based on the sounds and rhythms he experienced there. Gilles says:

“One of the things I wanted to do on this latest album  [Gilles upcoming Havana Cultura album] to bring over Mala, the dubstep producer from Digital Mystikz. He’s a friend of mine and I wanted him to come over and I wanted to put an experiment together because he’s such a rhythm guy and he hadn’t been to Cuba before. So I basically took Mala over there with me and we spent the first few days recording Latin rhythms and we took those back to the UK and he’s been working on that. "

As mentioned above the first track to see the light of day was appropriately named Cuba electronica and is one of the deepest rollers we've ever heard from Mala. This track is up there with the amazing Digital Mystikz Return II space album (one of our top selections of 2010). Wait for the drop and you'll know what we're talking about.

The Mala in Cuba album is out no on Brownswood recordings. Available on vinyl, CD and MP3.


Introduction 2:35
Mulata 3:15
Tribal 4:02
Changuito 4:23
Revolution 4:34
Como Como3:47
Cuba Electronic 4:36
The Tunnel 4:27
Ghost 4:06
Curfew 4:10
The Tourist 2:53
Change 4:30
Calle F 4:11
Noche Sueños 5:38

As a bonus here's a mixtape with a great selection of Mala, Coki and Loefah tracks put together by Kapr. Check the tracklist here.

Download: A London dub - Best of Digital mystikz & Loefah

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