Google+ Beathearts: Motor City Drum Ensemble - Live @ Suncebeat


Motor City Drum Ensemble - Live @ Suncebeat

Finally business as usual after the summer. Been collecting some fine moments over the last two months that we'll be sharing with you the upcoming weeks. First up is Motor City Drum Ensemble (Danilo Plessow).

We've been impressed with Danilo's updated but still classic deephouse sound every since his Raw Cuts series and album back in 2008. This mix is taken from the SuncebeatFestival that took place in Croatia in July. It's a sublime blend of old 70's funk, soulful garage and uptodate minimal tunes. From what we hear the crowd was as blown away as we were only listening in via headphones. Get it below.

Download: Motor City Drum Ensemble - Live @ Suncebeat

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