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Xperiment Synt - Night & Day

We gave you the heads up the other week in our Beat Generation Denom feature. The next installment of Xperiment Synt entitled Night and day just dropped. Experimental beats from an online collective of South American producers featuring Denom, Delos, Unek and others. We're especially pleased to hear a new track from MarvinMarlyn who we featured about a year ago.

Two new discoveries for us are Brazilian beat makers Paks and Ras Tuna both from Florianópolis, Brazil. Their contributions Go and Dia are twisted subbass broken tracks with contrasting smooth harmonies. Just the way we like it. The whole compilation is available as a free download right now:

Download: Xperiment Synt - Night & Day

Download: Paks - Go

Download: Ras Tuna - Dia

As a bonus here's mixtape from Paks featuring Opolopo, Dâm-Funk, Madlib and other Beathearts favourites:

Download: Paks - Whatafunk?-mixtape

James Brown - Intro
Opolopo - Twenty-Second Thoughts
Opolopo & Amalia - Sweater Funk NYE Jam
Matt Miller - Too Much For Me
KutiMan - No Groove Where I Come From
Arp 101 -- True
Miditrip - necta
Arp 11 - Mystery Man
Sweater Beats - Caught Up (ft. Lumi B)
Brass Construction - Dance
Dâm-Funk - Forever
Vanilla - Sure
Erykah Badu - Gone baby dont be long
Evil Needle - Summer Blap
Jaylib - Stars

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