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Terry Tester - Horses & Diamonds

Our fellow crate digger in Pittsburgh, Buscrates, recently put us on to this great Danish producer Thomas Månsson a.k.a. Terry Tester. As it turns out he just put out his debut album. If features a wide range of styles from the dark electronic grooves on the first track The neck snap to the Quasimoto inspired Sparkle ft Verb Ink and the Buscrates featured headnodder Three variations of Onaje.

We got in touch with Thomas to learn more about his music making, inspirations and the album. Coming up very soon is feature on him as the 3rd installment of our Beat Generation Series. Here's a taster where he talks about the new album:

You just dropped your debut album Horses & Diamonds (Mixed Ape Music) that absolutely floored us. Could you give us a run down of how the album came about?

For a few years I had been sending beats to Danish MC Per Vers, who's a major cat on the scene and one that I really wanted to work with. He had reserved some joints but never got around to using them. Instead he suggested that he release them as an instrumental project on his label Mixed Ape Music on which he had already released projects by producers Exampler and Kriswontwo. 

So "Horses & Diamonds" is kind of a fragmented affair. It's not like I went into the studio for three months and came out with a record. Some productions date as far back as 2004, like e.g. "Sparkle", which Verb Ink then came through and laced with rhymes in the mixing process less than 3 months ago. The e.p.'s most recent productions are "Subcrazy", "For Her" and "Learn The Rules" which I made last year.

Terry Tester's Horses & Diamonds is available now via Amazon, HHV, Spotify and other outlets.

Beathearts presents the Horses & Diamonds competition:
Thomas was gracious enough to hand us a vinyl edition and digital download of his Horses & Diamond album. All you have to do to win the package is to:
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