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Jesse Futerman - Fuse the witches EP

Jesse Futerman is back! To us his Superbasement EP was one of the best releases of last year and was hence featured in our Top Selection 2011.

”With Fuse The Witches I am attempting to keep the sound of Super Basement while creating a more varied listening experience; I’ve sampled from a wider array of sources such as records from my father’s collection as well as numerous film soundtracks. Despite this, I think I’ve managed to retain a strong jazzy sound while perhaps creating a more cohesive release overall."

An interesting observation is that the EP apparently is mastered by long time favourite Moonstarr who put out crazy hype electronic remixes about ten years ago. Alice Dufay is still responsible for the beautifully original cover art. We just love when an artist put in that extra effort.

And better yet, just as the Superbasement EP it's available as a free download. Give it a listen then get it below!

Download: Jesse Futerman - Fuse the witches EP

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