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Karriem Riggins - Alone together

One of our first features, the mighty Karriem Riggins, is about to drop new material. Alone together is a 34 track instrumental album signed to Stones Throw of course. The full release is due for release October 23rd but will be dropped in two parts (Alone & Together) over the summer via Stones Throws digital subscriptions service. We've been chasing Riggins joints for years and this is without a doubt be one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

As that wasn't enough if you buy the album via there's a complimentary 45 single with the Riggins classic 12's in 8!


01.Intro 00:25
02.Round The Outside 01:31
03.From Detroit/Belle Isle 00:47
04.Moogy Foog It 01:37
06.Stadium Rock 02:44
07.Alto Flute 02:24
08.Orbitz 00:39
09.Up 01:49
10.Forward Motion 00:14
11.Esperanza 01:24
12.Africa 02:06
13.Harpsichord Session 02:03
14.Water 01:32
15.Double Trouble 01:57
16.A7 Mix 01:16
17.Ding Dong Bells 03:24
18.Belle Isle Reprise 00:20
19.daOOOOOH!! 01:40
20.Tom Toms 01:39
21.Because 01:57
22.Ford Jingle 01:37
23.Boy Is Doin It Right 01:36
24.Summer Maddness S.A. 02:05
25.Back In Brazil 01:00
26.Live At Bert's 02:53
27.No Way 01:15
28.6-4 00:32
29.I Need Love 01:19
30.K Riffins 01:51
31.Voyager/5000 01:44
32.Bring That Beat Back (next time) 02:34
33.Matador 01:25
34.J Dilla The Greatest 01:42

To make the wait a bit easier here's are a few first tasters as free downloads:

Download: Karriem Riggins - Moogy foog it
Download: Karriem Riggins - Summer maddness S.A. 
Download: Karriem Riggins - Matador (New!)

As a bonus here's the latest Stones Throw podcast featuring the man himself:

"Karriem Riggins, hip-hop producer. The list of artists he's produced for and collaborated with read like a who's who of our favorite hip-hop artists over the last decade.  We're releasing a hip-hop album of Karriem's this fall called Alone Together, but before we get to that we're looking back at some of his best productions and collaborations with others. "Karriem Riggins Produced That" mixed by Karriem Riggins."

Download: Stones Throw Podcast #74 - Karriem Riggins produced that

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