Google+ Beathearts: The New French Movement: #2. Zerolex - Musique Ré-Apprivoisée


The New French Movement: #2. Zerolex - Musique Ré-Apprivoisée

In the second part of our new series, we turn to new mindblowing beats from Besançon, France. We gave you the heads up a couple of months back with the Beathearts exclusive instrumental from the new Don Da None EP. This time it's producer and poetry slam artist Zerolex who got some of his friends together for this remix EP entitled Musique Re-Apprivoisée (which means something like "re-tamed music").

This little gem really caught my attention. No surprise that we love instrumental beats and genre breaking productions but this really sticks out. It's organic, electronic, harmonic, rough and futuristic at the same time. The stand-out tracks for me are the Don Da None remix of Chambre indienne as well as Snubluck's rework of All over again.

We'll definitely keep our ears open for more music from these guys. Available for free (or name your price) now via Bandcamp.

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