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Beathearts rewind #41: Tricky - Overcome (Al Riley 2009 rmx)

When Tricky a.k.a. Adrian Thaws' debut album Maxinquaye hit me in 1995 I was blown away. He followed up with a crazy live tour where he was either lying down och standing behind the speakers shaking his head the whole show but still spellbound the audience. Magic. Or perhaps voodoo.

Tricky is one of those artist that never really left but hasn't exactly been present either. He's put out albums on a regular basis but hasn't got that much attention. His latest album Mixed race I believe is his 9th album was released in 2010. 

A while ago I stumbled over this rework of Overcome. I haven't been able to find out who's behind it but it's a brilliantly updated take on the Maxinquaye sound that so profoundly widened my pespective on music. If you know who's produced this updated version we'd love to hear from you.

Update! (July 4th 2012) The other week we were contacted by Al Riley who was the engineer for the Mixed Race album. He had read our post and told us the story behind this great Overcome remix:

"This was done in Paris during some downtime between recording sessions for Tricky for material that would eventually appear on his album Mixed Race. I wanted the remix to be stripped down to the vocal because it's such a great performance. The atmos parts were re-amped through a tiny speaker to keep them sounding lo-fi so all the lushness and warmth comes form the bass/vocal pairing.  Then I just added a pretty simple percussion break and a couple of acoustic guitar elements in the background."

We're such suckers for those great behind the scenes stories so we just had to share. Thanks Al!

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