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Wax Poetics 10th anniversary mix Pt. 2

The other week we brought you Dâm-Funk's bumpin' Prince mixtape he put together to celebrate Wax Poetic's magazine's 10th anniversary 50th issue.

We heard that the mag was a bit hard to come by and already sold out but the nice folks over at WP took notice. As a remedy for everyone who missed out they put out some of the articles online together with a second Prince retrospective mixtape. This time put together by FA (?) and it's just as good as the Dâm-Funk mix. Amazing!

Download: FA - Wax Poetic 10th anniversay mix Pt.2

Prince and the Revolution "Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive)" (Warner Bros.)
The Time "777-9311 (propsEdit)"
Blood Orange "Champagne Coast (Krystal Klear Remix)" (Domino)
Jesse Johnson "Be Your Man (Specially Remixed Version)" (A&M)
Andre Cymone "Kelly's Eyes" (CBS)
Larry Graham "There's Something About You" (Warner Bros.)
94 East "If You Feel Like Dancin'" (Hot Pink)
Toro y Moi "Saturday Love" (Carpark)
Madhouse "Fifteen" (Warner Bros.)
The Family "Screams of Passion (Extended Version)" (Warner Bros.)
DJ Quik "Do Today (featuring Jon B. and BlaKKazz K.K.)" (Mad Science)
?uestlove, The Foreign Exchange, Zo!, and Carlitta Durand "Purple Flip"
Prince "Wouldn't You Love to Love Me"
Frank Ocean "Songs for Women"
Prince and the Revolution "I Would Die 4 U/Baby I'm A Star (Live, Landover, MD, 1984)"
Frank Ocean "Voodoo"

Apparently we're not the only ones into these Wax Poetics Prince mixtapes. Since the issue dropped there has been a minor flood of Prince retrospective mixtapes appearing. As a bonus here's one of the better put together by the Citinite crew:

Download: Citinite Nitetrax Edition - Minneapolis Special Mixtape

Track List
Prince “Rebirth of the Flesh” (unreleased) 1986
Prince “Baby Go-Go” (unreleased) 1986
Mazarati “100 MPH (version)” (unreleased) 1984
Wendy & Lisa “Honeymoon Express (Honeymoon instrumental)” (Columbia) 1988
André Cymone “The Dance Electric” (CBS) 1985
Alexander O’Neal “Fake (extended version)” (Tabu) 1987
Change “Change of Heart” (WEA) 1984
The Family “Mutiny” (Paisley Park) 1985
Jesse Johnson’s Revue “Just Too Much” (A&M) 1985
The Time “I Don’t Wanna Leave You” (Warner Bros.) 1982
Bill Blow “Drop Funkin’” (Wide Angle) 1984
Ta Mara & the Seen “You Turn Me Up” (Hot Tracks) 1986
Mazarati “Champagne Saturday” (Paisley Park) 1986
The Girls “S-E-S-E-X (instrumental)” (Columbia) 1984
Sheila E. “A Love Bizarre (Parts I & II)” (Paisley Park) 1985
Prince & the Revolution “All My Dreams” (unreleased) 1985
Apollonia 6 “Sex Shooter (extended version)” (Warner Bros.) 1984
Prince “All Day, All Night” (unreleased) 1984
Prince & the Revolution “Computer Blue (long version)” (unreleased) 1983
Prince & the Revolution “Possessed” (unreleased) 1983
Dez Dickerson “Modernaire” (Citinite) 2008
Sheila E. “Too Sexy” (Warner Bros.) 1984
Vanity 6 “Vibrator” (unreleased) 1983

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