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Beathearts top selections 2013: #10. Disclosure - Settle

10. Disclosure - Settle (PMR)

We had great expectations that Orlando Higginbottom (T.E.E.D.) would deliver the 4/4-album of the year but instead it was the Disclosure crew who surprised us. My first introduction to the Lawrence brothers was Onra's re-edit of "F For you". The Onra edit is great (get it below) but I was curious about the original tune which sounded like a long lost 80s boogie funk tune.

Well, it was not. It was the first single off Disclosure's debut album which is one of the most solid deep house albums I've heard for a long time. Solid song writing, great vocalists and with a balanced kick to almost every tune on the album without crossing over.

And as if that wasn't enough just before christmas they released a remix album featuring dope additions among others by the above mentioned T.E.E.D. and that ace Jessica Ware "Running" remix.

Takeaway track: "January"
Download: Disclosure - F for you (Onra remix)
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