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Funkmaster Flex & Red Alert - The Hiphop 101 sessions

Top of the year tradition on Hot*97, Funkmaster Flex and Kool DJ Red Alert pull out their old crates  for a 4 hour mixtape show.

"It's what we call BRR - Before Rap Records." 
"From a time when samples were breaks and rappers were called MCs"

They tell great behind the scenes stories from back in the day and pull out so many classic that immediately had me diggin in my own crates. Here's Funkmasterflex in good ol' shape cutting it up the way he used to do it. Playing old school tunes we haven't heard in years.

First hour was dedicated to the early breaks. Included was one of my favourite joints from Eddie Drennon & BBS Unlimited. Second hour they go back to the 80ies and tell stories of the rap game all started with tunes like Jailhouse rap. Hiphop 101 for real. Hour 3 and we haven't passed 1985 yet. Excellent edutainment for the holidays. Get all four hours below while they're still available.

BBS Unlimited - Do what you gotta do

Fat Boys - Jailhouse rap

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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