Google+ Beathearts: 03.2011


Beathearts rewind #18: Photek

Today we salute Rupert Parks a.k.a. Photek. Beatmaker extraordinaire originally from St. Albans in the UK now residing in L.A. Inspired by the great jazz percussionist as well has detroit techno legends he's legendary for his precision beat making process where every hihat, crash and snare gets all love and attention it needs to come out just right. His philosphy is to approach each track is if it was his last track ever to come out. No fillers. He spent a full twelve weeks to put together the track below, Ni ten ichi ryu. Its drum pattern is based on the samuari two sword technique.

Rupert's beats have been a great source of inspiration for beatmakers from all genres. On his 1994 release Natural born killa EP (Metalheadz) he dropped the track Into the 90's that was one the the tracks that started the confusion among DJ's at which speed his tracks were supposed to be played (since they sounded great at both 33 rpm in a hiphop blend as well as at 45 rpm in a more uptempo set). Later he explained that Into the 90's refered to BPM and not the decade.

In L.A. he's appearantly scoring soundtracks for Hollywood and for the first time in a very long time he has a new EP out entitled Avalanche. Available at

As a bonus here's the video for his amazing 1995 chop-up remake of Thearpy's Loose:


7even sun - Another dimension

French beatmaker 7even sun is back. Today he released his new instrumental album Another dimension on his Number 24 Records imprint. 17 tracks covering a wide range of styles but what they have in common is that trademark French 90ies soulful touch. Great headphone music for the daily commute. Available now from his bandcamp

7even sun - Light blue lights

7even sun - I count the stars

As an album release treat he also put out a free beat tape entitled Digital Dust Beat Tape 2006-2008. Get it here: Digital Dust Beat Tape


Slakah the beatchild - Beat tape Ver.III

One of our favourite beatmakers, Slakah, just dropped a new beat tape via Twitter. Smooth, deep and on point as always. Appearantly he's currently working on Ver.5. We haven't been able to locate the other parts in the series yet, but be sure we'll share them as soon as we do. Give it a listen and then grab it below:

Slakah - Macheeto

Slakah - Anti gravity

Download: Slakah the beatchild - Beat tape ver.III


Beathearts rewind #17: Hourglass sea - L.A. lights

Considering our wallpaper is a photo of beat mecca L.A. we thought it was about time to bring back this goodie from last year on the same theme. Hourglass sea (Dean Bentley) is a new producer from the UK putting out tracks in the vein of Hudson Mohawk with Nintendo 8-bit touch (you'll understand what we mean when you hear the track). His tracks reminds us of how those early dirty Fat Boy Slim twelwe inches sounded before he broke into the charts. Here's his debut single from last year:

Hourglass sea - L.A. lights

Yes, I do like night bus

I've had this post as a draft for over a year and half now. I've been meaning to write about the stunning Seiji track I can't let it go. This morning there was a tweet from Swedish journalist Andres Lokko that got me going. He wrote about a slow pitched house subgenre on cough syrup called Night bus. Say the name out loud to your self and you'll now what it sounds like. Or as Andres put it (freely translated):

"It's UK dance music that is the offspring of drum'n'bass, raised by dubstep, just out of high school and now has to lead its own life. The mass of these subgenres are like a self supporting ecosystem that possesses the skill to provide the perfect soundtrack for every hour of the day, every situation, feeling or mood.

Night bus is the sound of the feeling that you only experience in the haze between leaving the club and turning in your bed. The feeling between the excited expectations of going out and the despair of early morning. That's what night bus sounds like"

Seiji's track is the perfect example. It is broken yet laidback, it was soulful yet brick hard, it had that 90ies dubsound yet very up-to-date. Simply a stunning piece of soulful underground music! And it's available as a free download here:

Seiji - I can't let go (right click to download)

As a bonus we of course have to provide you with the mixtape that re-created all the buzz: Yes, I do like the night bus from Stayglued: Download


01 - Julio Bashmore - Footsteppin’
02 - Jacques Greene - Tell Me
03 - Deadboy - Fireworks [Slo-mo House Edit]
04 - Kahn - Like We Used To
05 - Julio Bashmore - Ask Yourself [Midland Remix]
06 - Midland - Bring Joy
07 - Lung - Afterlife [Kryptic Minds Remix]
08 - Pixelord & Coax - Equis
09 - Throwing Snow - Un Vingt
10 - Sepalcure - Fleur
11 - Lukid - Hair of the Dog
12 - Jam City - Magic Drops
13 - Fis-T - Night Hunter
14 - Jay Weed - Prism
15 - S-X - Woooo Riddim
16 - Jamie Woon - Night Air [Ramadanman Refix]
17 - Brandy - Angel in Disguise [Fantastic Mr. Fox Remix]


Marvin Marlyn - In the heart of my walkman vol.1

On our global quest for new funk newcomer Marvin Marlyn has lead us to Chile. 19 years old this Santiago resident has already developed a mature nu-funk sound in the vein of Dâm-Funk, Krystal Klear and Flako. His debut album Soy otro tu drops March 31st. Courtesy of our friends over at Moovmnt here's a free downloadable taster from the album:

Marvin Marlyn - Conciencia cosmica (2011)

As a bonus Marvin has put together an mixtape of inspirations entitled In the heart of my walkman vol.1. Download it here.

01. Marvin Marlyn – Acido Cerebral [Stereoptico]

02. Ad Bourke – Solar Commuter (Reprise) [Citinite]

03. Zapp – Computer Love [Warner Bros. Records]

04. Billy Cobham (ft. Chaka Khan) – Alive [Soul Trade]

05. Jaylib – Wicked Wayz [Not on Label]

06. Vlooper & Kenlo – La Diva Est Sur le Divan [Not on Label]

07. Vlooper & Modlee – Missing you [Gergaz Netlabel]

08. Marvin Marlyn – Mensajes del Sol [Stereoptico]

09. Michael Wycoff – Looking Up To You [RCA]

10. Jamiroquai – Blow your Mind [Sony Soho Square]

11. MONKEY_sequence.19 – Lazy Lovin’ [Wonderful Noise Productions]

12. Opolopo (ft. Amalia) – I Do [Victor Entertainment Japan]

13. Sekoya – Fly High [Maximum Jazz]

14. Ki-En-Ra (ft. SelfSays) – Way Back [Onesense]

15. OliverDaySoul – Soul4u [4 Lux]

16. MONKEY_sequence.19 – Return Of The Super People [Show Tiku Bai]

17. DâM-FunK – I Appreciate My Life [Stones Throw Records]

18. The Controllers – Stay (Extended Club Version) [MCA Records]


Swedish Beathearts: Timbuktu, On-ree & Rapper Ted

It's not very common that we push for Swedish rappers here at Beathearts. Not because we don't enjoy their stuff but because most of you can't appreciate what they're saying. However, the last couple of weeks there have been a few releases with original material that we think you might enjoy despite any language barriers.

First off is the first single of Jason 'Timbuktu' Diakité's new album is Dansa (Dance). Despite its title it's a moody, slow and beatless track. Kudos for the minimalistic video as well. Download the track for free here.

Timbuktu ft ‪Jan Lundgren & Duo Pannacotta‬ - Dansa

The second tune is from producer On-ree who put together this underground all-star track. On-ree is also the DJ for Stockholmssyndromet of which old Beathearts favourite Rick Skizzo (of Up-Hygh fame) is a member.

‪On-Ree feat Abidaz, Marshall Arts & C.U.P. - Ba!‬

The final track is from Rapper Ted who used to be (still is?) a part of the duo Tinitus & Ted. They have always followed their own original style and this is no exception. As an ode to LL Cool J's early 80ies love-rap this track is about a guy who falls in love with his girlfriend's mother... (hence the titel Your mother). Apparently the official video is rated R by Youtube so we give you the censored version but you can of course log in for the original. Taken from his upcoming album, Mitt allra käraste vapen, due for release in March.

Rapper Ted - Din mamma


Beathearts rewind #16: Nodeci

Some late night listening to the new Jodeci inspired Medallion swing remix from the New Jack Kings project (covered here earlier) got me thinking of the secret Nodeci project that surfaced and disappeared in 2009. I don't know about you but I used to love Jodeci and Devante Swing's productions back in the day. Freek-n-you, Feenin, I gotta love, the list goes on.

Anyway, the rumour was that the two Nodeci tracks that surfaced (This is it and Sex you down) was the comeback of Devante and Mr.Dalvin (minus K-Ci & JoJo). Another rumor said it was a PR-campaign for a new and upcoming group produced by producer/songwriter team "the Clutch".

To this day we haven't been able to find out the truth who was actually behind the tunes. If you know the story hit us at Either way the tracks are still dope and you can get them both below.