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Beathearts Rewind #1999: Prince & Morris Day - Cloreen Bacon Skin

Looking back at the tunes we've rewound over the years I was stunned that we hadn't featured a single Prince track. He has been a such a great influence to us and many of the artist we feature. One of the craziest old Prince tracks to resurface this year was a Morris Day collaboration entitled Cloreen Bacon Skin.

It was first released on the long deleted Crystal Ball compilation. It was a 15 minute (!) jam session that took place during the recording of The Time's Ice Cream Castles (1984) and it only features Morris Day on the drums and Prince on vocals (and bass?).

Prince & Morris Day - Cloreen Bacon Skin (1983)

These last days of reminiscing and diggin' in the crates of old Prince tracks we discovered that there's also a hidden remake of "Cloreen Bacon Skin" on a b-side of the Time singel 7" "Tricky". Tricky was written by Prince, but credited to Morris Day. It was co-produced by Morris Day and Prince under the name The Starr Company. The bass and drum parts were largely taken (possibly re-recorded) from Cloreen Baconskin. Prince Rogers Nelson - rest in power.

The Time - Tricky (1984)


Album of the week: The Persuader - Skärgård (Jesper Dahlbäck)

Jesper Dahlbäck's 1999 album "Stockholm" under The Persuader moniker has never really left our headphones. It was a unique, analogue soundtrack to Stockholm by night. Beautifully and slow building in the minor key.

The Persuader alias has since then been pretty dormant except for a few rare EPs. Which is why this amazing inofficial sequal slipped under our radar. Until now.

Skärgård (The Archipelago) is an ode to the waters and island surrounding Stockholm. And yes, as Sthlm residents we're a bit biased but nevertheless most of you would probably agree that this release is an essential part of this fall's soundtrack. To reminisce about the summer past and fully embracing and enjoying the upcoming darkness. That's why Skärgård is this weeks album of the week. Six months too late. Enjoy! :)

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Album: Skargard [TEMPLARLP01]
Title: The Persuader
Label: Templar
Release date: 09/3/2015

01.Vatten 0:51
02. Kampen 5:54
03. Sugsänkan 5:21
04. Inre Stenen 4:58
05. Fjortonkasten 6:23
06. Pinnhäran 5:46
07. Ägglosen 4:47
08. Klapparna 2:24
09. Vattungarna 5:05
10. Trutklubben 5:54
11. Dymlingharan 6:25
12. Självilan 3:50
13. Uppväckningsgrundet 8:02
14. Skärgård 2:00


Teddy Riley - History of New Jack Swing (Full Documentary)

"Modern harmonies over hiphop beats. The term "New Jack Swing" was coined in a 1988 Village Voice profile of Teddy Riley by Barry Michael Cooper. "New Jack" was a slang term used in a song by Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers, and "Swing" was intended by Cooper to draw an "analogy between the music played at the speakeasies of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s time to the crackhouses of Teddy Riley’s time."

I found this great documentary about TR I haven't seen before. Apparently first aired on BET. It tells the story of how he got started and highlights his influence of r'n'b rise to power over the last 25 years or so.

I remember being blown away by his early productions. I think the first one I heard was Kool Moe Dee's "Go see the doctor". Any way check the documentary above and then bookmark our Spotify compilation of our Top Teddy Riley moments. Enjoy!


The Classical Two - New generation
Kool Moe Dee - Go see the doctor
Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick - The show
Bobby Brown - My prerogative
The Jacksons - She
Jane Child - Don't wanna fall in love
Redhead Kingpin - Do the right thing
Samuelle - So you like what you see
Guy - Teddy's Jam 2
Aaron Hall - Don't be afraid
Blackgirl "90s girl"

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Tidal - Mo' money mo' problems

The Tidal press conference. Wow. We’re stuck for words but feel we have to speak up. Has there ever been a moment in history where so many high profile millionaires/billionaires jointly declared that they’re out of sync with the rest of the world?


"Music used to be about art [read: sales of CD/plastic]. Then something...happened and everything changed. "  (Madonna)

You’re right, Madonna. Internet happened. Really, really painful for industries that doesn’t like to change/evolve. Travel. Video rental. TV. Newspapers. Books. And last but not least major record labels and their superstars.

We’re having a real hard time wrapping our heads around JayZ, Madonna, Taylor Swift and Kanye trying to act charity workers… Are they raising funds to feed the hungry? For the love of the world of artists and their less fortunate colleagues? For a better service/experience for their fans? Nope. For the love of money. Double the money to be exact. At least in Sweden the Tidal monthly fee is double to what Spotify is charging.

In less than 24 hours we’ve received no less than six (!) emails pushing us to sign up. The latest one with the subject “Better Sound. Better Terms”. In that last mail they also announced that they’re shortening the free trail period (that was 30 days yesterday) to 7 days as an ”incentive” to sign up. 

Better terms for who Madonna? If you’re really sincere in your quest for the love of music, cut yourself loose from your labels. Start from scratch, create your own terms, cut a deal directly with Spotify and Apple. If you do that we’ll believe you. We’ll support you. But we know you won’t. Because this is not about the love of music. Tidal is about the love of money. Mo’ money.


“This is what EVERYONE has been waiting for. This is the game changer!” (JayZ)
Well, Mr. Carter, when you say “EVERYONE” are you referring to your friends, your labels or your fans?

“Tidal will bring back the respect for the artist” (Kanye West)
And you start that journey by being a role model and ripping off the interaction design created by the UI-artists over at Spotify? (Check this post's picture above)

Millionaires taking a stand and uniting for the love of money

When we’re summing up the music year 2015, we would be very surprised if yesterday’s press conference from Tidal will be more than embarrassing sidenote that the involved artist will do almost anything to erase from Youtube.  


Beathearts Selections 2014: Best tunes

It's about that time to sum up the year. Frankly, it's been a pretty shitty year for us, we haven't been as active as we intended to and but fortunately the music has been good.

We thought that the least we could do for you as a lil' new years treat is to sum up the year with some of the best tunes that have been rippin our headphones and speakers throughout the year.


D'angelo "Really Love": 15 yrs what can we say? Awesome new version of this tune.
Mary J Blige "Whole damn year": Mary pretty much summed up our year.
Dej Loaf "Try me": New talent Deja Trimble is thriving in a Detroit on the rise.
Billie Black "Don't need another lover": The finest UK soul track of 2014 hails from West London.
A/T/O/S "Roses": Hyperdub stunned us with the "Blue Lines" album of 2014. Epic!
Recondite "Jim Jams": Our gem from the best minimalistic albums of the year.
Baba Stiltz "Golden Eye": Swedish album of the year from the Studio Barnhus label.
Rumpistol "Asleep": Mind boggling release from these funky danes.

Sidney Charles "Warehouse anthems": A warehouse jam like they used to make them.
Nozinja "Tsekeleke": Crazy, frantic, South African footwork.
Mapei "Don't wait": Vocoder hook of the year.
Joey Badass & Statik Selektah "Carry on": Such a dope warm up for a debut album soon to drop.
Redinho "Playing with fire": Menacing hook off a great album.
Petite Meller "NYC Time" (Betablock3rs rmx): The haunting yet hooky Paris-BK connection
Sabina Ddumba "Scarred for life": Voice of the year. Can't wait for the album to drop
Tune-Yards "Wait for a minute": Take away track from their crazy cool live performance
Damon Albarn "Lonely press play": Key track from an underrated and beautiful album