Google+ Beathearts: Roska & Jamie George - Movin' #WorkWeekJam


Roska & Jamie George - Movin' #WorkWeekJam

Been really inspired by all these recent workweek concerts we’ve attended. From Danny Brown, Kraftwerk and Ebo Taylor to Myele Manzanza and Mark de Clive-Lowe. We decided to try out a new concept in the vein of tune of the day. Tunes that makes our heads nod and a smile on our faces on a crappy Tuesday. Why wait for the weekend when you can enjoy a #WorkWeekJam? :)


It's been a while since we heard that signature intro over a sub-bass track: "Roska! Roska! Roska!". But  this weekend we found this track and man have we missed him! This time teaming up with with vocalist and top line songwriter Jamie George signed to Rinse. Should be destined for an official release so get it while you can.

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