Google+ Beathearts: #WorkWeekJam: Flume ft Biggie Smalls – Space Cadet


#WorkWeekJam: Flume ft Biggie Smalls – Space Cadet

Been really inspired by all these recent workweek concerts we’ve attended. From Danny Brown and Ebo Taylor to Myele Manzanza and Mark de Clive-Lowe. We decided to try out a new concept in the vein of tune of the day. Tunes that makes our heads nod and a smile on our faces on a crappy Tuesday. Why wait for the weekend when you can enjoy a #WorkWeekJam? :)


Now, I’m not a big fan of mashups – especially messing with the classics. But just to prove myself wrong, these last couple of weeks I’ve stumbled over a whole bunch of mashups that I really dig. Last week it was the HoodInternet blend of BBD and Disclosure. This week it's a fine blend of Flume and old Biggie Smalls vocals that makes me reminisce of the days of old but still with my eyes fixed on the horizon.

Jaymee Franchina & Jeremy Smith are DJ's based in Perth, Australia and have put together this mini album combining the late B.I.G. with futuristic Flume instrumentals. Get it below.
While on the subject of Space Cadet don’t miss out on the very spaced out video of the original tune ft Ghostface Killah.

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