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MELO Collective ft Bahamadia - Hollow

Now here's something out of the ordinary. Rap legend Bahamadia has teamed up with Swedish art collective MELO to put out a new mindblowing EP. The original track is a dark, organic groove laced with Bahamadia's thoughts about the state of this world. We were curious to hear how this surprising collab came about and hooked up with MELO representative, Anders Jacobsson, who told us the story:

"Basically MELO has been making art, dance, music, architecture installations etc, since 2005. We always make our own music to the pieces and made a CD-R in 2007. In 2010 we started thinking about compiling, rearranging, recording tracks from our different pieces + make some new tracks, start a label and start distributing our stuff. Most of our music is instrumental, but as a main part of this project we wanted to collaborate with vocalists that we find important and inspiring. So when we'd made a instrumental demo of "Hollow"  we started out with contacting Bahamadia, who is my absolute favorite rapper ever.. You know, why not aim for the best? :) And surprisingly, she said yes! Unreal. "

"It totally blew our minds when Bahamadia sent her demo of the rap and vocals.. I mean, we know she's always incredible, but the huge effort and serious engagement she put into the lyrics, the structure, the sung vocals.. I've never heard her sing like this and the way the track unfolds is just amazing. So now we really hope that the music community, especially hip hop and soul and Bahamadia fans worldwide, will not miss out on this release in all the zillions of great stuff out there.."

And if that wasn't enough, they somehow also got Georgia Anne Muldrow and Midaircondo to contribute a funky ass remix the track. Quite the debut release.

The Hollow EP is out now on Spotify and iTunes.


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