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Mad Mats - The Mixtapes

Today we revisit Swedish DJ-legend Mad Mats. As his recent jazz mixtape is flying around the blog community at the moment so we thought it was appropriate to join the praise and highlight his contribution to the global underground soulful music in general.

This 1985 national breakdancing champ (!) has been a DJ since the mid 80s and responsible for many of the best clubbing experiences in the country (e.g. Fusion, Raw Fusion, Unhous). He's also the founder of quality labels such as Raw Fusion, Local Talk, Basic Fingers and of course the mythical G.A.M.M. label (Godkänd Av Mad Mats i.e. Approved By Mad Mats) pushing artist like Red Astaire, Yam Who, Simbad, Phil Asher, Melo and many others.

He's one of those rare DJ's with serious skills and an excellent taste of music. Never bound by genres you can always count on Mats to rock the show no matter if it's hiphop, deephouse, jazz or techno. Still think I'm vague? I guess you could say he's like the Swedish reincarnation of Gilles Peterson or Benji-B and we know we're not stepping on any toes because both has played in his clubs on several occations.

Ok, enough talk. Get three of his kick-ass mixtapes below. All available tracklists are on Soundcloud. Mad Mats we salute you!

Download: Mad Mats - Mix for Best Works Berlin

Download: Mad Mats - A jazz mixtape for El Junco

Download: Mad Mats - House mix for 2:35:1

Download: Mad Mats - Live session from Raw Fusion

Mad Mats on Soundcloud
Raw Fusion recordings
Mad Mats Blog

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