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Frank Nitt - Stadium Music

Frank Nitt of the classic duo Frank n Dank from Motor City just released his solo full-length debut 'Stadium Music' on his own newly formed label Digipop.

2008 the 'Concert Hall EP' was released with the words 'Stadium Music' coming soon, and we have been waiting since. 2010 the 'Jewels in my Backpack EP' surfaced and we started to get our hopes up, and now it was finally time to release this beast! And it's just as good as we thought. Minimalistic beats, easy-going summer jams mixed with boombastic dirty detroit hiphop at its best throughout the whole album. Cop it NOW!

The album features rhymes by Illa J, Que D, Dank, Kid Sublime, Kevin Cofield, Numbe:ra and others.

'Stadium Music' comes in a deluxe casebook together with his first hand experiences in the 48 page memoir 'The View from the Underground'.

"Seeing his work ethic and how much he was off into digging for records and making beats, and just how meticulous he was. That was early, early on. Before anyone got to see or got to be around, you know what I'm saying? J- Dilla, T3, and Baatin were always at the crib workin' on new records. Me being at Jay Dee's crib with him, you know, if he was working on something or came up with a new beat, he would basically test me as an MC. We just liked being creative! 

He would say, Okay I'ma whip up this beat and we got 30 minutes to write whatever we can write, and then we gotta record it!" 
-Frank Nitt, 'The View from the Underground'

'Radio' is the first track from the album and is available for free over at bandcamp.
Over at digipop's soundcloud page there's a couple of other nice beats to ease your ear to as well.

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