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Flying Lotus - Between Friends feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy

Flying Lotus contributes to the latest and sixth offering in the weekly Adult Swim Singles Series with the muched talked-about track 'Between Friends' that has been making rounds on every blog worth mentioning the last day or so.

As a lot others we felt that it's most definitely worth a write-up. There's Prefuse 73 and some Rjd2 circa 00 all over this. A perfect combo of wonky electronica and pure hiphop. The changes and pauses in the track are fenomenal, along with the outro. An instrumental of the track is available over at Flylo's soundcloud.

Prepare to get laced up in a magic world of basslines and hypnotic rhymes. It features hard verses (lyrics below) from Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future and the mysterious Captain Murphy. The talk and belief around the web a while that it was Tyler, The Creator. But Flylo tweeted"so glad y'all like that 'between friends' no it isn't tyler on there or any other rapper trying another alias". So is it Flylo himself? A Captain Murphy track on youtube has surfaced named 'Mighty Morphin Foreskin'.

Download: Flying Lotus - Between Friends feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy

Earl Sweatshirt

First off, I'm a start charging y'all per compliment
You give to me, see how much purse I can earn off of it
As far as bars, you heard wrong if you heard continent
It's incontinence, inconsequent turned sponsorin'
Rockin' a fur smock with
Some RC go for rockin' the beats, this is curb stomping it
Serve consonants hotter than hot combs
And surfing through brown perm and that germs that will jump off of it
Hot doggy with no condiments
Flow proper this show stopper be bow guarding it
Aliens be going hard and Early be going artisan
And lick fo' shot of the focus, talkative
Talkative, let the robbers in

Off a couple Sake shots
Watching pot grow in short shorts and some soggy crocs
Shoddy lot of black faces trading body shots
For all of the belongings in your pocket, park it
Hardly not, gnarly tots, nollie pops
Use a bit, it got me; then she buzzin' like a walkie talk
Staying gold like the only watch that Lonny rocks
Grimey socks and you know you don't wanna play with papa swamp

Captain Murphy

So unorthodox
Chillin' with a shaman, eating ramen in a parking lot
I brought a bag of dreams with me, breathe the kundalini in
Exhale a meaning and the feeling of Elysium
Even the reason leavin' 'em lost, lyrical boss hotter than
Most so kill me, martyrs and most of my Holy ghost
Host a party in 'em, I brought my odd unruly souvenir
On their blouse like a "Yours Truly" steel pin
Evil (Ha ha ha); they can't get past the deep voice
Conceived in a Rolls Royce, abortion life, pro choice
Got hot, put a beanie on pitch bent like a leanin' song
Learn to fly high the first time that I'm dreamin' on
The Force is strong with this one though, over 9,000
Midi-chlorian say so, really show
No mercy, all master, no Percy, show these little
Bastards in the journeys of my troubled mind, saddled by your
Blasphemy, look at what you father signed, now you can't
Imagine me, running high the casualty and fucking die
This is why we had to bring the guns out
Rattled neighbour's windows every night until the sun's out
Two dudes, two odd crews with strange leaders
Kitty cats a couple blunts new wang feeder


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