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Teruo Nakamura - Rising Sun Band mixtape

Every now and then I've found these great lil' jazz mixtapes from Japan. The first one was DJ Muro's excellent Blue Note mixtape back in 2001 and then they just kept rolling in. Today I made a new aquaintance via DJ Mitsu the Beats Twitter flow. It was a mixtape of jazz bassist Teruo Nakamura mixed by a Yu Ihara.

I must admit I'd never heard of Nakamura before but apparently he put out a couple of highly sought after jazz funk albums in the 70s. He's based in New York and has worked with the likes of George Benson, Roy Haynes, Grover Washington and Herbie Hancock. Nakamura re-entered the spotlight when The Roots sampled his track Cat on Ital (The Universal Side) and MF Doom used it on the Kava Kava Root track.

Download: Teruo Nakamura - Cat (1976)

Not much facts available on Yu Ihara except that he's a DJ based in Brooklyn and was handpicked to put this mix together. I just love when you can tell that a DJ put in a lot of love in the selection and on top of that cuts up the tracks like it was hiphop bangers. Get it below.

Download: Teruo Nakamura - Rising Sun Band mixtape

Track List:
1.Unicorn Lady 
3.Cat (1976)
4.Love is a reflection in the mirrors behind your eyes (1977)
5.Umma be me 
6.Cat (1976)
7.Rising sun 
8.Sunrise in africa (1977)

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