Google+ Beathearts: PPP - Deep inside (Waajeed Belle Isle Remix)


PPP - Deep inside (Waajeed Belle Isle Remix)

The first time Antwan and my paths crossed was at the legendary Platinum Pied Pipers concert at the Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm 2005. Waajeed and Saadiq had brought along Tiombe Lockhart, Invincible and Rogiers and we both agree it was one of the most memorable shows we've ever seen.

We especially appreciated the fact that they sold unreleased records after the show and that's how we discovered Rogiers amazing first demo. Later on the Abundance tour Waajeed put together a mix-CD which featured this amazing remix of their Deep inside track. We loved the mixtape but we've been itching ever since that the tune wasn't released in full version. Well, now the scratching is over! This week Waajeed put out the full version via his Bling47 newsletter. (Sign up to not miss out on any goodies). Waajeed we salute you!

Download: Platinum Pied Pipers - Deep Inside (Waajeed Belle Isle remix)

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