Google+ Beathearts: Björk - Crystalline (Edit;Erase version)


Björk - Crystalline (Edit;Erase version)

To drop a new tune by Björk might not be the obvious choice but we have to give credit where credit is due. Most artists we write about love breaking boundries and don't care about the norm. In your minds it's that kind of attitude that push music forward. Björk has never been one to compromise. Her new album Biophelia was released on July 19th as an app for iPhone/iPad. The main concept of the album is available for free and then the ten songs/sub-apps will be released for purchase during the weeks to come. App based releases - the next logical step after Spotify mobile - ace!

Creative move from Björk but in the end we don't really care if our new tunes come from a handed CDR, released via Bandcamp, vinyl 7" or dropped in our inbox. It all about the music and Björk delivers. Check her first single Crystalline below in an Edit;Erase version. Chopped up beats, deep subbass and moody chords - just the way we like it.

Björk - Crystalline (edit;erase Remix) by edit;erase

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