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Beathearts rewind # 9: Mtume & friends - Juicy

It's hot like that day in Spike Lee's Do the right thing so we decided to do a summer reminisce special:

Summer of 1983: Return of the Jedi was number 1 at the box office. You know the vibe: little boys messing 'round with the girls playing double-dutch, hop in the waterplug just for old times sake. Then this tune Juicy drops on the radio and I was stunned for 3m50s. Didn't find out until much later that it was James Mtume biggest hit that hit billboard's number 1 spot for 8 straight weeks.

Summer of 1989: We were all queing up to see Batman and Ghostbusters II. Then that tune struck me again. This time it was Teddy Riley who hade picked up his old Mtume record and put out "Juicy fruit" under the Wrecks-n-effect moniker.

Summer of 1994: We'd just landed in New York for the first time. Turned on the radio and there's that tune again! This was the amazing summer when Biggie and Wu-tang launched their respective debut albums and the tune we heard was of course Biggie's Juicy. One of the greatest storytelling, summer tunes of all times in our book. You all know the track but maybe everyone isn't as familiar with the Pete Rock's remix that was blazed by Funkmaster Flex on Hot*97 that summer. Enjoy it above to the right!

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