Google+ Beathearts: 04.2016


Beathearts Rewind #1999: Prince & Morris Day - Cloreen Bacon Skin

Looking back at the tunes we've rewound over the years I was stunned that we hadn't featured a single Prince track. He has been a such a great influence to us and many of the artist we feature. One of the craziest old Prince tracks to resurface this year was a Morris Day collaboration entitled Cloreen Bacon Skin.

It was first released on the long deleted Crystal Ball compilation. It was a 15 minute (!) jam session that took place during the recording of The Time's Ice Cream Castles (1984) and it only features Morris Day on the drums and Prince on vocals (and bass?).

Prince & Morris Day - Cloreen Bacon Skin (1983)

These last days of reminiscing and diggin' in the crates of old Prince tracks we discovered that there's also a hidden remake of "Cloreen Bacon Skin" on a b-side of the Time singel 7" "Tricky". Tricky was written by Prince, but credited to Morris Day. It was co-produced by Morris Day and Prince under the name The Starr Company. The bass and drum parts were largely taken (possibly re-recorded) from Cloreen Baconskin. Prince Rogers Nelson - rest in power.

The Time - Tricky (1984)