Google+ Beathearts: Album of the week: The Persuader - Skärgård (Jesper Dahlbäck)


Album of the week: The Persuader - Skärgård (Jesper Dahlbäck)

Jesper Dahlbäck's 1999 album "Stockholm" under The Persuader moniker has never really left our headphones. It was a unique, analogue soundtrack to Stockholm by night. Beautifully and slow building in the minor key.

The Persuader alias has since then been pretty dormant except for a few rare EPs. Which is why this amazing inofficial sequal slipped under our radar. Until now.

Skärgård (The Archipelago) is an ode to the waters and island surrounding Stockholm. And yes, as Sthlm residents we're a bit biased but nevertheless most of you would probably agree that this release is an essential part of this fall's soundtrack. To reminisce about the summer past and fully embracing and enjoying the upcoming darkness. That's why Skärgård is this weeks album of the week. Six months too late. Enjoy! :)

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Album: Skargard [TEMPLARLP01]
Title: The Persuader
Label: Templar
Release date: 09/3/2015

01.Vatten 0:51
02. Kampen 5:54
03. Sugsänkan 5:21
04. Inre Stenen 4:58
05. Fjortonkasten 6:23
06. Pinnhäran 5:46
07. Ägglosen 4:47
08. Klapparna 2:24
09. Vattungarna 5:05
10. Trutklubben 5:54
11. Dymlingharan 6:25
12. Självilan 3:50
13. Uppväckningsgrundet 8:02
14. Skärgård 2:00

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