Google+ Beathearts: Beathearts rewind #58: Mood II Swing - Do it your way (1996)


Beathearts rewind #58: Mood II Swing - Do it your way (1996)

Yesterday, Lexis over at MIMS released this great tribute mixtape for deep house legends Mood II Swing. The group consisted of John Ciafone and Lem Springsteen were discovered by Louie Vega from Masters at Work and released a tall pile of twelve inches in the mid-90s.

That mixtape made me reminisce about one of my favourite garage tunes from that era "Do it your way". It was love at first listen with this track but I've never really thought about why. Maybe it's the simple, organic and instantly addictive groove that keeps you hypnotized for the full 9 minutes? Or maybe the positive message to take control of your life and do whatever makes you happy? Either way, check the original, download a recent edit and the tribute mixtape from Lexis below.

Download: Mood II Swing - Do it your way (GarcyNoise edit)

Download: Lexis - Tribute to Mood II Swing

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