Google+ Beathearts: Daft Punk ft Pharrell - Get Lucky (M's Chic Disco Mix)


Daft Punk ft Pharrell - Get Lucky (M's Chic Disco Mix)

As much as I loved Daft Punk back in the day when they dropped those secret white labels on Soma (Da Funk) and Sourcelab (Musique) I must admit I didn't feel their new single Get lucky when it dropped. And that's despite our fascination for Pharrell's projects.

So I was equally sceptical as surprised when one of our regular contributors, DJ M-rock, dropped a rework of the track. He had the same feeling as we did, that the new track lacked something. But instead of whining he did something about it.


"The thing with the Daft Punk ft Pharrell song is even though I love the risk they’ve taken, and how that vintage disco sound is so familiar, it doesn’t totally knock the room down. And it sounds a bit like it could use some more to really give it that old school feel. I wanted to hear a funky brass band and a section of violinists bending their necks towards their instruments on top. So that’s what I did, I just worked hard at producing it so it sounds old school. People are constantly telling me I made an amazing song actually sound better. They can’t even believe it’s the same song because it feels different."

Indeed! It's all in the details. It's the same track but with that dope live feel that makes the whole difference. Dope!

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