Google+ Beathearts: Mecca:83 - Nightshift ft Buscrates & Dj Ivan6


Mecca:83 - Nightshift ft Buscrates & Dj Ivan6

Yup! Yup! Mecca:83 and Buscrates closing an amazing year with another banger. As all regulars know we do what we can to promote their geniuses, but to us it's unbelievable how these cats don't get more attention.

Evan 'Mecca:83' Jones has been one of our most solid providers of instrumental beats the last couple of years. Always on point. Always introducing surprising elements into his music. Even though he puts out different styles he somehow always manage to create a vibe that makes your head nod.

Orlando 'Buscrates 16-bit ensemble' Marshall is one of the most versatile producers we've featured in our Beat Generation Series. He has put out amazing remixes, re-edits and mixtapes as well as produced boom-bap hip-hop and futuristic soul music.

On this track they once again join forces to bring us Nightshift. A new aquaintence is DJ Ivan6 who we believe features on cuts (?). Anyway, don't sleep on this track. Free download below.

Download: Mecca83 ft Buscrates & DJ Ivan6 - Nightshift

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