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Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

Neil Armstrong, a childhood hero, has moved on. Much of the music we listen to today would probably sound very different without the human exploration of space and Armstrong was of course an icon. There are so many artist in the past and the present that were and still are inspired by space. Herbie Hancock, Mala, Opolopo, Theo Parrish, Africa Bambaataa, Photek, Kraftwerk, Dilla and many others.

Mr. Armstrong we salute you with a classic tune from Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton's Jedi Knight project. May the funk be with you! (Clear Recordings 1995)

Jedi Knights - May the funk be with you (1995)

As a bonus while we're on the subject of science inspired artists, here's Opolopo's ode to the discovery of the Higgs Boson - "the God particle" from a few months back.

"Just a nerdy little drone for us science fans that got excited about the 99.999% chance of discovering the Higgs Boson today."

Download: Opolopo - The Higgs Boson

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