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Still Pee & Ru - The mood is write

Thomas Rusiak and PeeWee (André Möllerfors) from legendary Swedish rap crew Sherlock has teamed up for a new project entitled Still Pee & Ru. For us, the stand-out track is The mood is write which is a tribute of the Cherno track from his 1992 EP How is it being U. The whole album is dark, analogue and dirty just the way we like it. With productions like this we have high hopes for more to come from the duo.

We just love their way of blending genres to create something new. It would be very interesting to hear an instrumental version of the album. That would probably open up a whole new market for their music from jazz cats and crate diggers to broken beats heads and the instrumental beat scene.

Still Pee & Ru - The mood is write (Tribute)

Cherno - The mood is write (1992)

The album is available now via Cosmos Music and Spotify.

Soundcloud: Still Pee & Ru

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