Google+ Beathearts: 04.2011


Mark de Clive-Lowe - Koko + Lee Roe (Remake)

Is listening through Mark de Clive-Lowe's new release Leaving this planet EP. Excellent grooves as always but I keep coming back to the first track, Koko + Lee Roe. I know I've heard it before but couldn't figure out where until yesterday when I read Mark's track by track run through over att Mashibeats. MdCL:

"The first time i heard Gene Harris' album Nexus i was BLOWN AWAY. it remains one of my favorite synth-jazz-funk albums of all time. it was released on blue note records in 1975 and still sounds super fresh. along with the work of his peers at the time like the mizell brothers, george duke and herbie hancock, this album's a giant. every track has its vibe, but one turned my head straight away and has been a perennial favorite....

This new version was never about trying to better it or challenge it, but to pay homage to it and to a great time in music... enjoy."

MdCL's Leaving this planet EP is available now exclusively via his bandcamp

As a Beathearts bonus, check out and grab the stunning original tune from Gene Harris album Nexus (1976) below:

Gene Harris - Koko and Lee Roe (1976) (Low bitrate)


Analog - Ode to vinyl

Check out these beautiful videos from Analog put together by Noël Schoolderman as an ode to vinyl, the black gold, and the fine craftsmen/women still push it: the independent record stores. As a remanice to Record Store Day, this past weekend, listed below are a few Beatheart favourites that still are alive and kickin:

Concerto (Amsterdam)
Record Mania (Stockholm)
The other music (New York)


14KT - Bridges (1 for Dwele)

Another great contribution from an Athletic Mic League member, 14KT a.k.a. Kendall Tucker. As far as we know, Bridges (1 for Dwele) is only released as a soundcloud download (download arrow in the player below on the right).

"As a product of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, 14KT strives to be amongst the great producers and beatmakers that made the music in his headphones – DJ Premier, Organized Noize, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre and J Dilla. As a musician, 14KT was heavily cultured by the rich, musical background and local history of Motown. However, he’s far from neglecting Gospel, Jazz, Rock, Electronic and Techno as sources of inspiration – which can all be heard on his debut solo LP, The Golden Hour [Soundtrack], released in October of 2008." (

He's currently in the studio working on a new album due for a 2011 release. If the rest of the album is as dope as Dwele track above we can't wait!

The Golden Hour is available via iTunes and Spotify

The Nowalataz instrumental album is available as a free download here:
14KT - Nowalataz

Want to know more? Check a full interview with the man here

Proof - The Fizzo (prod. J Dilla)

In remembrance and tribute to Proof on the 5th anniversary of his passing, Paul Rosenberg drops a previously unreleased joint from Proof and the late J Dilla. The track dates to 1994 and features T3 of Slum Village on the chorus. There's something Pharcyde around Labcabin' about this. Get your head noddin'!

Paul: "As promised, here is another previously unreleased (as far as I know) track from Proof & Dilla, called “The Fizzo.” I heard about this track before I ever actually heard it from a very excited DJ Head back in ’94, right around the time that F.C. (Funky Cowboys) was created. In his typical fashion when he had heard something that nobody else had, Head just giggled and said “man, Proof and Jaydee got this new record, man…” When I heard it I knew what Head was so amped-up about, these guys really had a crazy chemistry together. That’s T3 of Slum Village on the chorus. I don’t want to do anything but remember P and his music today, so hopefully this will put you in the same headspace. Don’t ask about the photo, let’s just say Proof went through a Spongebob phase! Enjoy- until next year: BIG PROOF FOREVER."

Proof - The Fizzo (prod. J Dilla)