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Still shining Dilla tribute

Yesterday it would have been Dilla's 37th birthday. We still find it hard to grasp that it's already been 5 years since he passed on. In tribute to his memory B.Kyle put together this amazing documentary entitled Still shining. James Yancey we salute you and know you're still making heads nod where ever you are.


(2:55) - Work Ethic Starts In The Basement
(7:35) - What To Listen For in A Dilla Beat
(9:10) - J.Dilla's Range As A Producer. The King of Reinvention
(12:16) - Going Beyond His Influences
(14:39) - The Dilla Approach To Production
(20:21) - Jay The Producer vs Jay The MC
(26:08) - The Personal Side of J.Dilla
(29:04) - A Soldier Unstoppable!
(32:05) - Venturing Out. (as explained by Phat Kat)
(33:59) - Heading Home... Job Well Done.
(34:48) - We Salute You.

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