Google+ Beathearts: Beatchild + Ebrahim + Tingsek - War within


Beatchild + Ebrahim + Tingsek - War within

Wow! Just got this. Not sure when it was released but appearantly Slakah the Beatchild hooked up with singer/beatmaker Ebrahim (Vancouver) and swedish singer songwriter Tingsek for a Detroit minitour. They met in Toronto to put this track together to promote their Vibe - Love - Smile - tour. When the tour was cancelled they decided to put the track out there for our listening pleasure. Deep bass, slick harmonies and a beat that instantly gets your head nodding. Just the way we like it. Get it below!

As a bonus here are two more amazing clips from the fellas. The first is Ebrahim putting together his version of Bobby Caldwell's classic Open you eyes. The second is Slakah's amazing video for Enjoy yourself. Still slammin!

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Anonymous said...

too dope!!! <3 it

"pce aries"