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Illmind presents: Smokey Robotic

More stuff from Illmind! Awesome music..

Illmind released a free album a couple of days ago with his new electronic/dance/pop group called Smokey Robotic. They create what they call Superfuture music and we really dig it. Try and keep yourself from bouncing in your chair.. Next level. Samples of our favorite tracks from the album below. Download this amazing album now! It’s FREE!

Smokey Robotic is:
Seer aka Zachary Field (Writer, singer, rapper)
Father Dude (Writer, singer, producer, engineer)
Konrad (Producer, singer, engineer, graphic artist)
Illmind (Producer, engineer)
JK5 (Chief visual director)

Words From Illmind:
“These past 3 months have been SUPER exciting for me.. behind all of the other projects i’ve been hard at work completing (full length albums with SKYZOO (Duckdown), REDMAN, & more), I produced an album with a new group I formed.. we are called SMOKEY ROBOTIC… it’s POP.. it’s ELECTRO.. it’s HIP’s “4 on the flooor”, there’s some singing.. some rapping.. a few ballads..but above everything else, it’s FUN music.. we were all completely free while making this album, and i’m so proud of it… I want to share it with you.. it’s 12 complete tracks.. bump it in the car, on the ipod during your commute, or anywhere that you want to just listen to music to make you happy….i’m really proud of this project.. i’m primarily known for my “hip hop” production, so this is just one way that i get to show people that it doesn’t always have to be “hip hop” .. thanks for listening!!!”

Smokey Robotic - Forever My Love

Smokey Robotic - Smokey Robotic

Smokey Robotic - Making Planets


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